Aging Paint: Checking/Flaking, Hairline Cracks

Aging Paint: Checking/Flaking, Hairline Cracks
Definition: aging, dried paint starts with hairline cracks (checking), which eventually crack to the surface (flaking)

- Poor surface preparation
- Applying paint too thin
- Loss of elasticity ( the wood is not expanding or contracting with humidity and temperature properly)
- As the wood swells, stress breaks the bond between layers and checks/flakes the form
- Poor paint penetration, especially on flat hard grain patterns which are nonporous
- Checking/flaking on unprotected wood is due to delamination

- Remove all loose paint with a scraper, wire brush or power washer (for larger areas)
- Feather sand the edges
- Level uneven areas with exterior spackle
- Then sand the surface and rinse with a garden hose to remove all dust particles