Galvanized Metal Peeling Paint

Galvanized Metal Peeling Paint
Definition: Is an adhesion loss of the paint due to inadequate surface preparation

- Usually no or improper priming
- Improper surface prep or choice of paint
- Not removing rust, oil and other substances from surface
- Not deglossing baked enamel finishes
- Painting too soon after cleaning the galavanized surface
- Galvanized metal is very alkaline until weathered

- Remove all rust, loose paint and other particles
- All dust must be rinsed or wiped away
- Allow galvanized metal to weather prior to coating
- Apply an acrylic corrosion-resistant primer
- New galvanized metal must be primed with an acrylic corrosion-resistant primer if the finish coat is oil base or vinyl latex
- Bare or new galvanized metal needs agressive cleaning with mineral spirits prior to using a galvanized primer