Fix Painted Shut Window or Door

Fix Painted Shut Window or Door
Definition: Two painted surfaces sticking together when they are pressed against each other. For example a door sticking to the jamb or a window sticking to the frame.

- insufficient drying time before pressing the two painted objects together. For example putting a door or window back into service before paint is dry
- when there is not enough or inadequate ventilation the surfaces will need more drying time
- slow drying oil based paints
- an excessive amount of paint on the surfaces
- Adding another coat of paint before the first coat is dry
- use of low quality paint
- use of a highly tinted paint which is more likely to stick than a light colored paint
- the use of an exterior acrylic paint for an interior job
-the use of a gloss paint which may tend to cause more blocking

Solutions: Follow the instructions on the label for an appropriate drying time. Make sure that the items being painted are free from situations that could cause them to stick together before painting. If you are working specifically with doors and windows adjust the door and window jams properly for a smooth operation. If possible try using a light colored paint with a flat low sheen finish. If the problem of blocking or sticking persists it can be reduced with talcum powder.